Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zagreb time machine

Like the old days…

Happenings of the Zagreb Time Machine will start on April 25th. The opening act of sorts will be the “kumice” (nannies) of Dolac... Dressed in traditional garments of the Zagreb region, these ladies sell indigenous, fresh produce to patrons of the attractive green-market in the heart of the city. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, the market itself, Kaptol, Ban Jelačić Square and Tkalčićeva Street will also feature performances by folklore groups, while their members will hand out apples and cake to passersby.
This, however, will only be the beginning of an array of events and happenings traditionally taking place at nearby Zrinjevac Park as well as Maksimir Park. On Saturdays between 11 a. m. and 1 p. m., as of April 26th, Zrinjevac Park will be the venue for the traditional promenade concerts. Their equivalent will be taking place in Maksimir Park on Sundays. Sunday concerts will also begin at Zrinjevac on June 1st and, with a break between July 13th and August 10th, last until early October. These concerts will be an opportunity to enjoy wonderful music, as well as dance from the end of June until early October at the always popular Dance Evenings on Fridays…

The time between 5 and 8 p. m. on Saturdays is reserved to take a walk down memory lane during the Upper Town in the Past event which will bring to life many famous characters from Zagreb’s and Croatia’s past and put them on the streets of the Upper Town.
Mid-May marks the start of Tkalčijana - an event which turns the romantic Tkalčićeva Street, or Tkalča as it is known by its pet name, a popular bar and restaurant street adjacent to the main square, into a street of music and entertainment. The official programme takes place between Thursdays and Saturdays, but patrons know that Tkalča is a place where fun is always had by all!
Starting on the last weekend in April, every Saturday and Sunday, exactly at noon, visitors can also attend the attractive changing of the honorary guard of the Cravat Regiment at St. Mark’s Square. Did we mention everything? Of course not… Who could mention everything that happens during the Zagreb Time Machine event and the journey into the past it offers to those in for a nostalgia ride?

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