Tuesday, May 20, 2014

International expert in canine behaviour

Cesar Millan arrives in Zagreb

As part of his European tour, on October 1st, the international expert in canine behaviour, Cesar Millan, will present his show Leader of the Pack Live in Arena Zagreb. During this entertainment and educational show, which is intended for humans only as their pets will not be allowed into the Arena that night, the world renowned expert in dog behaviour will reveal to the audience his formulas for a happier and healthier relationship between humans and their best friends. With the help of the dogs who will participate in the show, Millan will demonstrate important lessons in shaping up canine and human behaviour. Placing a dog in a home and conditioning them to become pets leads to a disbalance in their natural status which may result in problematic behaviour and difficulties in communication between humans and dogs. By trying to gain a better understanding of the dog's world, people can certainly improve their pets' behaviour, and their own for that matter, if only a little.

Cesar Millan has gained global fame with his TV shows Dog Whisperer and Leader of the Pack, as well as the most recent series Cesar to the Rescue which has broadcast on the Nat Geo Wild channel since April of this year. He is one of the most sought after contributors to the New York Times who described his rich experience with dog rehabilitation in a number of books; he has launched dog-related entertainment products, a magazine; he has founded the Cesar Millan Foundation and runs a web page which has become the leading and inevitable source of help and advice for dog owners.
Tickets for the Cesar Millan Leader of the Pack Live show are available within the Eventim system at prices ranging from 196 to 725 kuna.

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