Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Art Pavilion

Unknown Zagreb by Marija Braut

An exhibition of photos, “Unknown Zagreb by Marija Braut”, can be viewed at the Art Pavilion until September 7th. It is an exhibition of photographs by the renowned Croatian photographer Marija Braut, who through the lens of her camera captured Zagreb as it once was, at the time when some of the most vital parts of the city were being built, and as they are remembered by the older generations.
The exhibition features around a hundred photos by the renowned author, most of which have never been shown before. The photos are from the private archive of Marija Braut, as well as the photo archive of the Museum of the City of Zagreb, to which the photographer herself has donated several thousand negatives. The exhibition is being organized by the Art Pavilion to mark the artist’s 85th birthday.
Marija Braut has been an active photographer since 1967. She was a student, then assistant to the globally renowned Croatian photographer and one of the founders and main representatives of the so-called Zagreb School of Art Photography, Tošo Dabac. She held her first independent exhibition with Petar Dabac at the Student Centre Gallery in 1969, and she worked as a photographer in Zagreb’s galleries until 1972, when she became an independent artist. Thus far, she has held more than a hundred independent exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Croatia as well as abroad. She has also cooperated with the Croatian National Theatre, the Gavella Theatre, the Kerempuh Satirical Theatre, and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Nowadays, her photographs are kept in the Museum of the City of Zagreb, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Croatian State Archive, etc.
Marija Braut is still very active today, and she works and lives in Zagreb.

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