Friday, September 5, 2014

The Best Dancing Podium in the City

Dance Evenings in Zrinjevac

There is dancing going on in Zrinjevac Park every Friday evening. Bring your partner or come with friends to the most beautiful park in Zagreb and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of rock’n’roll, evergreens and dance music of all kind. You can dance under the stars every Friday until October 4th.
Dance evenings in Zrinjevac are organized as part of the Zagreb Time Machine project which was launched several years ago by the Zagreb Tourist Board to revive the spirit of Zagreb’s dance halls. The event is the opportunity for many citizens of Zagreb to take a journey down musical memory lane, and in that, they are joined by an increasing number of tourists. But entertainment does not stop there. It rather continues on Saturday mornings when promenade concerts take place in the Music Pavilion which has been standing in Zrinjevac Park since 1891. The sounds of waltzes, marches, arias from operas and musicals, jazz numbers and chansons will take you back to some past times… At the same time, various other musical happenings take place in the heart of the city, from Dolac, across Tkalčićeva Street down to Ban Jelačić Square; every weekend morning the streets of the Old Town resound with the tunes of traditional love songs performed by street singers, while promenade concerts take place every Sunday in Maksimir Park. It is, therefore, not surprising that the whole city of Zagreb has become recognized as one big stage.

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