Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Klovićevi Dvori Gallery

The exhibition Normandy/The Birth of Impressionism

The exhibition, “Normandy/The Birth of Impressionism”, will be opened on October 4th at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery. The exhibition will remain open until January 4th 2015, and it will feature ninety works by significant artists from Normandy.
This exhibition showcases the full range of various artistic movements of the 19th century, from realism and romanticism to impressionism and post-impressionism, and all of the nuances of their development, as well as the changes that led to the birth of modernism in the 20th century. In an attempt to escape from the industrialization of big cities, 19th century artists would go to Normandy in order to remain in touch with nature and develop the ability to paint outdoors. Apart from landscapes, however, they also found inspiration in the everyday lives of farmers and fishermen.
In a cultural sense, this exhibition does not only accentuate the importance of Normandy in fine art, but it also presents works by globally renowned artists. At the initiative of the Regional Council of Lower Normandy, and with the backing of private partners, the collection “Painting in Normandy”, featuring more than one hundred paintings, was established in 1992. The collection consists of works by Monet, Boudin, Géricault, Courbet, Corot, Defy, Renoir and many other artists who painted some of the most representative late 19th and early 20th century works.
The exhibition is divided into four sections according to the regions and artists who worked in Normandy. Their work, united in this unique collection, can now also be viewed in Zagreb.

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