Thursday, January 29, 2015

A concert

Gang of Four at Tvornica Kulture (The Culture Factory)

After their last successful concert in Zagreb, held at the “Pauk” club six years ago, the cult British post-punk band, Gang of Four, will perform at the Culture Factory on April 24th. They will hold a concert as part of their tour promoting their latest album, “What Happens Next”, which is scheduled for release in February.
Ties between the band and Zagreb have been very strong since 1981 when the Gang of Four held their first memorable concert at the packed venue of Dom Sportova. In the years following that concert they continued to influence numerous local musicians. Due to their explicit lyrics, mixed with punk, rock, dub and funk sounds, the Gang of Four have numerous musical followers across the globe, including R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the legendary frontman of Nirvana – Kurt Cobain. The band has also left a great mark on the global guitar scene. The editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, David Fricke, described the group as “probably the best politically motivated band in rock & roll.”
Gang of Four gained success in 1979 with their first single, “Damaged Goods”, from their anthological album, “Entertainment”. They also had success with their second album, “Solid Gold”, but after the release of their fourth album, “Hard”, in 1983, the band entered an unstable period during which they only released two albums in two decades. The band made a significant comeback only after the release of their re-recorded old tracks on the album “Return the Gift” in 2005. This was reinforced by the release of the album “Content” in 2011.
Tickets for the Gang of Four concert can be purchased via Entrio or Eventim at a price of 100 kuna until February 28th. After April 1st, ticket prices will be 120 kuna, while on the day of the concert they will go up to 140 kuna.

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