Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A new airline

Direct flights between Zagreb and Dubai

In mid-December, a low budget carrier, FlyDubai, introduced direct flights between Zagreb and Dubai three times a week. On its web pages, the airline encourages passengers to book their flights to Zagreb, which is presented as a city full of creative energy and old-fashioned charm.
Apart from a description of the landmarks worth seeing, the invitation states that something is always happening in Zagreb, regardless of the season or weather conditions. The list of recommended places includes the original Museum of Broken Relationships and the 13th century Lotršćak Tower, which houses a cannon that has been fired every day at noon for 100 years. Fans of modern art, architecture and theatre will certainly enjoy the Museum of Contemporary Art. Other attractions on the list include the Mirogoj Cemetery, one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe, as well as the Dolac green market, where farmers from all over Croatia sell their fresh produce underneath red umbrellas.
Those who wish to taste local delicacies are encouraged to try the cheese from the island of Pag, which is made from sheep milk and features the aroma of the wild grass the animals graze on, or to visit Samobor, a medieval town located a half hour’s drive from Zagreb, and try the famous cream custard cake.

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