Friday, January 9, 2015

Almost over!

Icy magic at King Tomislav Square

If you still have not partaken in the “Advent in Zagreb” festivities, there is still time to do so and have some fun at the Ice Park at King Tomislav Square, which will remain open until the 18th of January.
The Ice Park at King Tomislav Square is the greatest attraction of “Advent in Zagreb”, a truly special event that has attracted numerous tourists from many countries across the globe. In the first 15 days of December, there was a 22 percent increase in arrivals and overnight stays compared to the same period last year, and the reactions of most tourists have been positive. Thanks to the original and attractive happenings, “Advent in Zagreb” is also interesting to various foreign news and television crews, which broadcast the most interesting images of the holiday atmosphere on the squares and streets of the Croatian capital to viewers in their homelands.
The Ice Park at King Tomislav Square has found a home by the magnificent Art Pavilion building at Zrinjevac, and it spreads across a surface of almost two thousand square metres. Apart from the main ice-rink, the Ice Park at King Tomislav Square also features a 400 meter long and 2.5 meter wide outer track, enabling visitors to skate around the entire park. Visitors can also choose from a diverse selection of various delicacies, while the atmosphere is complemented by c
oncerts and other artistic happenings.

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