Thursday, February 5, 2015

New application

The first VoiceGuide Zagreb

Among a series of mobile phone application for tourists, there is a new one to help you get to know the city – the audio guide VoiceGuide Zagreb. The new application has been developed by experts at the EXE.cutor company in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Institute for Tourism. It is an entirely Croatian innovative solution using GPS technology and it is intended for individual visitors.
The VoiceGuide Zagreb is a free offline application, which means that once you download it on your mobile phone it no longer requires an internet connection, i.e. no other costs are involved in its use. Besides providing recorded descriptions of all the attractions in the destination, it offers its users a host of other information and it is always up-to-date. In addition to a destination map and a public transport map, it also contain quite a number of photos, information on the working hours of museums and other such institutions, the prices of entrance tickets, etc. The application also teaches its users staple Croatian language phrases; it informs them about typical souvenirs and food, and it also suggests the most important things to see during their free time in the destination. Since the application contains 202 short stories and descriptions of as many as 188 locations in the city, it may be of some educational use not only for tourists but for the citizens of Zagreb themselves.
The application is hearing-impaired and sight-impaired friendly, as all the information is available in both audio and text formats. It can also be used by mobility impaired persons; once the application is launched, the phone no longer needs to be held in one’s hands. The duration of the programmes on offer ranges – a programme can last two hours, half a day, etc., to give the visitor the best quality information based on the time they have available.
In comparison with other mobile phone applications for tourists, this one is unique in the sense that audio recordings are played automatically, i.e. without the user's intervention, which means that the user has the freedom of looking at the sight without any hindrances. The way a user can control the quantity of automatically received information is also innovative; if they no longer wish to hear the recording, all they have to do is shake their mobile phone lightly and thus stop the reproduction of the information on the current sight.
The application is adapted for several types of mobile phones and tablets based on either Android or IOS operative system. In closed spaces, where a GPS signal is unavailable, the application uses QR codes and thus offers a unique combination of QR and GPS services, the first such solution in the world. The users who do not have GPS on their mobile devices can download the application from the QR codes in the destination and continue to use it at least in a partly automatic work regime, again free of charge. Moreover, the users can upload their own locations in the application, which will help them get their bearings and return to the locations they find particularly interesting.

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