Tuesday, February 17, 2015


New face of the cult brew pub

After three months, the cult brew pub of the Zagreb Brewery on Ilica 222 has shown its new face to the world. Under its new name, Pivana, it has opened yet another page in its long history as a living witness to Zagreb’s beer making tradition which goes back to 1893. That year, at the initiative of Count Gustav Pongratz and Baron Petar Dragutin Turković, the first ever brewery in Zagreb was opened. Its garden was lit by electricity, which was a huge attraction in itself since the rest of the city was electrified only 15 years later. Since then, the brew pub had operated under the name K Pivovari. A change in the business concept has resulted in a new official name, admittedly one which the Zagreb Brewery employees have lovingly used since the middle of the last century.
Under the new name and after the makeover, Pivana will offer good beer and excellent food, including chicken wings marinated in honey, beer ribs, goulash made with Tomislav beer, beer burgers and many other specialties. Besides that, every day there will be something interesting going on for everybody, ranging from educational beer brewing workshops to concerts by well known musicians and up-and-coming young artists, DJ performances, beer cabarets, etc. You will be able to enjoy the taste of the new unfiltered beer Pivana which does not undergo the pasteurization process and therefore has a somewhat shorter shelf-life. All that will be offered at quite reasonable prices, which is more of a reason for you to come and have a good time in this beer-lovers Mecca

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