Monday, May 11, 2015

The Zagreb Fair

The exhibition Leonardo da Vinci – The Genius and His Inventions

Until August 16th the Zagreb Fair will feature the global exhibition Leonardo da Vinci – The Genius and His Inventions, which will provide visitors the opportunity to discover the greatness of the brilliant mind of the renaissance painter, who also came up with numerous fantastic inventions.

Until August 16th the Chinese Pavilion at the Zagreb Fair will be the venue for the global exhibition Leonardo da Vinci – The Genius and His Inventions. Apart from being one of the greatest renaissance painters, whose mysterious portrait of Mona Lisa still fascinates scientists and attracts millions of visitors to Paris’ Louvre Museum, Leonardo da Vinci was also a great visionary, thinker, specialist in human anatomy, inventor and a man with a brilliant mind. He attracted equal attention with his genius inventions which were far ahead of his time, and still attracts immense public interest almost five centuries after his death.

The exhibition consists of more than 80 complex machines as well as reproductions of paintings and drawings, anatomical studies and his famous codices – drawings with notes. Therefore, visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to see interactive machines in real scale which were built according to instructions from his work Codici Vinciani by a group of experts and craftsmen from Florence who used only materials from da Vinci’s period. Apart from these machines, the exhibition also features Leonardo’s visionary inventions, such as a helicopter, a simple predecessor to the parachute, an armoured vehicle, a bicycle, a car, a submarine and many other civilizational achievements which were introduced to the world much later in history.

At this exhibition visitors will be able to have a go at operating some of the machines, and thus appreciate the principles of physics and mechanics Leonardo da Vinci applied in their construction. Each invention is equipped with explanations next to the sketches of the models, but visitors can also expect many other interesting things.

Apart from the Zagreb Fair box office, tickets for this event can also be purchased via Eventim.

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