Saturday, August 15, 2015

The moment of truth

All shall be revealed at the kissing spot!

Zagreb’s romantic Upper Town has its kissing spot, a place all romantic couples will remember as a most beautiful setting for a very special moment.

Zagreb now has an official kissing spot, located beneath Lotrščak Tower in the Upper Town. The “formal opening” of Zagreb’s latest attraction was on July 6th, on International Kissing Day.

It did not take long for the spot to become an inspiration for expressing affection and immortalizing the moment of love with a photo depicting a spectacular view of the city in the background. The particular spot indeed commands one of the most beautiful vistas of the streets of downtown Zagreb. It is a must-visit destination and place of inspiration for anyone expecting a confirmation of affection, or those who wish to express it. Afterwards, things might never be the same again!

The kissing spot idea, conceived by Coca-Cola as part of their project “Kiss Happiness” marking one hundred years of their emblematic bottle, is backed by the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Institute for Tourism.

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