Saturday, September 5, 2015

A cultural event

White Night in Zagreb

As the grand finale of the Festival of France in Croatia, on September 26th Zagreb will be the venue of the White Night events during which artists and performers will take to the city squares and streets until the early hours of the morning. Everyone is invited to partake in the White Night events currently taking place in Zagreb.

The White Night, the final event of the Rendez-vous Festival of France in Croatia, which started back in May, will take place in several locations around the city on September 26th. The White Night project was launched in 2002 in Paris and very quickly achieved great success. Nowadays it takes place in many cities worldwide, from Toronto, to Rome, Prague, Madrid and Brussels, to Melbourne.

The programme of musical performances, dance, street art, installations and other acts will kick off at 4 p.m. and last until 4 a.m. On September 26th, the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery in the Upper Town will open its door for the interactive, contemporary, dynamic exhibition – Street Art 2.0 – Innovation in the Heart of Movement, while the façade of the building in the plateau at Gradec will serve as the background for the work by French artist Etien, titled Anamorphosis, which will be visible from the Square of Ban Josip Jelačić. A concurrent happening, part of the “In the Upper Town” international triennial event, will be the Device_art Festival which will present the best art production in the world in the combined fields of robotics, technology, science and contemporary art.

Various events will take place downtown on Tomićeva Street, beneath the funicular, in the Flower Square, the Octagon Passage, and the Square of Marshal Tito – one of the central White Night venues. The entire square will serve as a stage for music, dance and theatre performances, light shows, guided themed exhibitions, creative workshops and many other events. The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will hold a free concert in front of the new building of the Academy of Music, which has been recently opened in the square, while the Museum of Arts and Crafts will keep its doors open throughout the night and offer guided tours and creative workshops for visitors of themed exhibitions. Apart from that, the exhibition “Radovan Ivšić – Unconquered Forest” will be opened on September 24th at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Zagreb. On White Night, the museum will stage music performances and readings of works by the aforementioned artist, while in front of the museum building there will be a light installation in a tree – “Radiant Tree”, by the HEHE Collective. The installation was originally designed for last year’s White Night in Paris. Therefore, everyone is invited to partake in the White Night events currently taking place in Zagreb as the cultural event of the year.

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