Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lauba - Artists question the other side of superheroes

Are you fascinated by Batman, Superman, Hulk and numerous other comic book characters? 

Do you want to get to know the other, human side of these superheroes? If your answer is yes to both, make sure to visit Lauba and the exhibition Superheroes 2.0.

Until October 27th, the exhibition space of Lauba – the house for people and art, will feature the exhibition Superheroes 2.0, organized in cooperation with the Swiss institution Maison d'Ailleurs in Yverdon-les-Bains. This is Lauba’s first international cooperation, and it was inspired by a project organized last year by its Swiss partners.

Outside of their costumes, superheroes, characterized by super human abilities, are ordinary people with all their character flaws and qualities. Using their superpowers, they eliminate enemies and maintain order within their communities, fighting everyday issues during the day, and transforming into heroes that guard others by night. These abilities of theirs have been a source of fascination for numerous generations, but also a starting point of artistic questioning that inspired this exhibition.

At the exhibition organized in Switzerland, five selected artists specializing in five classical mediums (painting, sculpture, photography, comics and spatial installation) reveal the aesthetics and the symbolism of pop culture through motifs of various superheroes. The selected works from the original exhibition, as well as its Croatian version, created in cooperation between the cultural institutions of both countries, invite the viewers to discover the human aspect of all superheroes, but also to recognize the superhero in themselves. The goal of the exhibition is to show the mythological human-like characters in a different light – from the perspective of contemporary visual art.

The Zagreb exhibition Superheroes 2.0 presents a selection of works by local as well as foreign artists who use superheroes as a source of inspiration and research, so this interesting project brings together artists from Switzerland, France and Italy, as well as their Croatian counterparts.

The Lauba house for people and art was opened in mid 2011, with the mission of helping to reveal new forms of artistic expression of Croatian visual artists, contributing to raising public awareness about modern and contemporary Croatian art, as well as participating in international cultural events.

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