Monday, July 11, 2016

In the Upper Town

Get to know Zagreb’s courtyards

Explore the unique courtyards of Zagreb located within the beautiful palaces in the Upper Town during the attractive tourist event “Courtyards” which will take place between July 15th and 24th.

Once again, this summer, visitors will be welcome to discover the gems hidden behind the facades of beautiful palaces in the Upper Town and explore their unique gardens. Their doors will be open to all during the attractive tourist event “Courtyards”, which was launched two years ago by Katapult Promocija, G.A.D. PRODUKCIJA and the Zagreb Tourist Board under the slogan “Each Courtyard has its Story”, to the sheer delight of numerous citizens of Zagreb and tourists alike.

This event enables visitors to explore what is hidden behind the closed gates of Zagreb’s courtyards, to become immersed in their atmosphere, and to hear about their history and even a secret or two. The courtyards, which are opened to the public, are part of the buildings of state institutions or the stately homes of locals who have lived in the Upper Town for many generations. The event encompasses several locations in the Upper Town, and each of the courtyards is adorned in accordance with its story. The courtyards will also feature live performances by musicians, and visitors will have the opportunity to taste various food and drinks and enjoy a very special ambiance where good time will be had by all.

This attractive event has won its organizers the national annual award for the most inventive project or product during last year’s Days of Creativity and Innovativeness organised by MRAK- Network for Development of Creativity.

The “Courtyards” event will take place every day between July 15th and 24th, between 6 p.m. and midnight.

More information about all of the happenings taking place as part of the “Courtyards” programme can be found at

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